For Teachers

Managing behavioural expectations in the early years at Christmas

Tinsel, nativities and just a little too much glitter: Christmas time the early years can be the best – and worst – of times. I’m here to give you some practical support in managing behavioural expectations in the Early Years (and any other classroom!) at Christmas! If you have been in the game for a … Read more

Assessment in the EYFS

What is Assessment? All assessment in the EYFS falls into two categories, formative and summative. Formative Assessment: Arguably the most important type of assessment. Often referred to as “Assessment for Learning”. This informs your teaching and enables you to ensure learning progression. Summative Assessment: An “Assessment of Learning”. This creates data, giving a snapshot measure … Read more

Planning in the eyfs

The EYFS has changed… but has this changed your own personal planning? Are you continuing with what you know or seizing the opportunity to try something a bit different. Where do I start? For me, planning always starts with the learning environment. The continuous provision… thinking about what is always available to engage the children … Read more

Phase One Phonics

The building blocks of reading and writing Phase One Phonics Reading and Writing- two of the key skills that young children build when they begin their school journey. As a parent and teacher I find the reading journey astounding! Within a few short years children move from single letter sounds to being able to read … Read more

Planning for the EYFS 2021

The changes to planning, assessment and observation for the EYFS 2021 have got me reflecting on how we will be approaching next year… I had my first planning meeting in preparation for next year this week. Lots of changes afoot for us (change in class dynamic to Reception/ Year 1 alongside the EYFS reforms). I … Read more

Ready for school

With offers day having been and gone, and September fast approaching, many parents (and children) are beginning to feel anxious about the move to “big school”! For the last 8 years, I have been a Reception Class Teacher- the smiley face at the gate, telling parents it will all be fine and your children have … Read more