Medium Term eyfs Planning

The EYFS has changed… but has this changed your own personal planning? Medium term EYFS planning has always been very personal and linked to your own pedagogy. Now more than ever is a chance to seize the opportunity to try something different.

In the EYFS there is such a huge variety of teaching pedagogies . As teachers we are constantly reviewing and adapting to suit learners needs. What works for one setting, practitioner and group of children doesn’t work for others… so hopefully this post gives you some insight into my approach and thought processes.

Enquiry Based Planning

For medium term plans, I use a focus “enquiry”- a question, a stimulus for investigation, or a true or false statement. Whilst I know that many settings are completely child initiated (and this is something I have trialled), for me, a focus or hook into learning builds breadth of experience. But, most importantly, children are able to lead their own learning carefully facilitated by adults.

So what do I mean in terms of Medium Term Planning?

Medium term EYFS planning has always been a bit of a bone of contention for me when it comes to experiences and planning. I’ve found them restrictive when I have wanted to follow children’s enquiry or own learning leads and found myself stuck between “that’s so exciting” to “it’s not on the plan”!!! I have adapted planning formats, tried not having any planning and each time I have not been happy.

So I wanted to try something different! What did my planning need to include to be meaningful and benefit those working with the children?

Medium Term Planning EYFS

I brainstormed the key points and that’s when I started developing my new MTP style. I’m proud to say it’s been well received by teachers in EYFS and KS1. This new format pulls in everything you need for ensuring that children can follow their own learning journey but still develop the key knowledge and skills.

Not sure? Thinking this may be for you? Have a look… check it out…

  • Does it fit with your ethos?
  • Is it beneficial to your setting?
  • Will it support all staff to improve outcomes for children?

The key benefits for me are:

  • Clear knowledge and skills progressions
  • Adult facilitation tasks
  • Possible lines of further development
  • Links back to your curriculum
  • Easy to demonstrate the links into the Key Stage One curriculum for Reception Teachers
  • Demonstrates where learning fits in terms of National Curriculum subjects (supports EYFS staff to share with other members of staff throughout school e.g. SLT and subject leaders)

The currently available themes are here to download. More are being added this week and if there is something you’d really like to see- do get in touch. I make resources based on practitioners needs.

As always… the same message from me…

You do you….

It has to work for you, your staff, your setting and have a meaningful impact on the quality of outcomes for your children and develop good practice in your setting. And that’s why- all the MTP documents come inn editable format… adapt them, change them, move things around, add things in, take things out, etc. They need to be suited to you and your practice.

Message me if you want some more info or advice- I will always respond and throw ideas around with you!

Take care,

Emma x