Children engaged in enhanced provision

Continuous and Enhanced Provision- Let’s Explore!

Today, we unpack two essential buddies in the classroom – Continuous Provision and Enhanced Provision. These are often terms associated with EYFS, but you’ll know that I advocate (and am now supporting) continuous and enhanced provision for learning in KS1, having used them myself with a year 1 class… so let’s dive in! Continuous Provision: … Read more

Outdoor Learning in the EYFS

Unlocking the Power of Outdoor Learning in the EYFS: Practical Tips for Early Years Teachers What better way to ignite children’s curiosity, stimulate their senses, and nurture their love for learning than by unlocking the power of outdoor learning in the EYFS? I want to delve into some of the benefits of outdoor learning and … Read more

5 ways to explore Christmas in EYFS

Christmas is undoubtedly one of the most exciting times in the calendar for young children (and older children and *ahem* adults) and an experience we can bring into our EYFS settings. I’ve seen lots of posts on social media talking about so-called craptivities. This refers to adult led activities which have a set outcome for … Read more

Enhanced Provision Planning

Should enhanced and focused tasks in the early years be linked to a theme? The short answer is no, focused tasks and enhanced provision planning should not always be linked to a theme.  But if I was to stop there that wouldn’t be very useful to you and it certainly wouldn’t make much of a … Read more

EYFS Assessment

Three things to consider when assessing Communication and Language in the Early Years Assessment in the Early Years has undergone somewhat of a transformation over the past few years and excessive assessment documentation for the sake of a certain *cough cough* official bodies are no longer (though arguably never was) advised within early years settings … Read more