Planning Engaging Learning Experiences through Provision

Today, I want to dig a little deeper into the common themes that are present when planning engaging learning experiences through provision. Because whatever your preferred teaching pedagogy, there’s planning involved! My approach- hybrid! Meaning I like to take elements of lots of different approaches and shape it to fit my style and my children, and that’s what I think we should all do- be flexible and adapt to what works for us, our setting (because there are always top down expectations) and most importantly consider the needs of our current children (because next year will be different). There are, of course, similarities in every classroom, and I take a look at some of the overarching themes in this blog post.

So, let me spill the tea on how I plan for all the magic that goes down in a provision based Early Years or Key Stage One classroom. Grab a cuppa, settle in, and let’s dive into the secrets behind creating those ‘aha’ moments for our little legends.

1. Individual Learning Journeys: At the core of all planning methodology is the awareness of each child’s unique capabilities, interests, and developmental progress. Establishing robust connections with both children and their families empowers teachers to tailor their curriculum and provision, ensuring a bespoke learning experience for every child.

2. Advocating for Play: Recognising play as the primary language of young children, I enthusiastically embrace play-based learning as a powerful vehicle for delivering new and engaging learning experiences. Using a continuous and enhanced provision rooted in play not only engages children but also provides a familiar platform for the rehearsal of vital skills such as communication, problem-solving, and collaboration – essential building blocks for lifelong learning.

3. Balancing EYFS Framework and Child-Led Explorations: In my opinion, the key way of ensuring an engaging and progressive curriculum is through mixing the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) or National Curriculum framework and spontaneous, child-initiated explorations. Striking a harmonious balance between teacher-guided and child-initiated provision cultivates a sense of autonomy and curiosity, laying the groundwork for a lifelong passion for learning.

4. Embracing Responsive Teaching: In the ever-evolving landscape of early childhood education, flexibility is paramount. My resources are specially designed to be flexible- linking to key learning objectives to support you in planning experiences that are based on your observations of children’s engagement, assessment of needs, and emerging interests. This responsive approach ensures will ensure that your classroom remains a dynamic hub of learning, sparking curiosity and facilitating meaningful discoveries.

5. Fostering Diversity and Inclusion: Our classrooms are a melting pot of children, from a range of backgrounds, bringing their own experiences, cultures and strengths. It is important that we plan learning to embrace the diversity in our classrooms and expose children to new understanding outside of their lived experience. By infusing each day with inclusive practices that allow each child to feel valued and celebrate their individuality, allows them to make progress towards learning goals, and feel valued and respected.

In wrapping up our exploration into the art of planning engaging learning experiences through provision, it’s evident that flexibility is the key to success in our dynamic classrooms. Regardless of our preferred teaching pedagogy, the heart of effective planning lies in adapting to the unique blend of our style, the specific needs of our current children, and the overarching expectations of our setting. As I spill the tea on my hybrid approach, which draws inspiration from various methodologies, it becomes clear that individual learning journeys, play-based exploration, a harmonious blend of frameworks, responsive teaching, and a commitment to diversity and inclusion are the common threads weaving through the fabric of an enriching educational experience. So, fellow educators, let’s celebrate the magic that unfolds within our provision-based Early Years and Key Stage One classrooms. May our adaptability and dedication continue to create those ‘aha’ moments that shape the journey of our little legends, fostering a lifelong passion for learning. Here’s to the joy of teaching and the incredible potential within every classroom! 🌟📚✨

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Emma xx