Practical Tips for preparing for a new term

Hello to all gearing up for a brand new term! As we embark on the exciting journey of a fresh start, it’s the perfect time to equip ourselves with practical tips for preparing for a new term . Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newly-minted primary teacher, these practical tips are designed to help you prepare, organise, and thrive in the upcoming term.

1. Reflect and Review: Start by reflecting on the previous term. What worked well? What challenges did you face? Take note of successful teaching strategies, engaging activities, and areas that may need adjustments. Use this reflection as a springboard for planning a more effective and efficient term ahead.

2. Classroom Organisation: A well-organised classroom is a conducive learning environment. Take the time to declutter and arrange your space in a way that works well for your continuous provision and how children use the learning environment. Link this to your review of last term- reflect on how children use the space and ensure children can access (and return!) the resources they need independently.

3. Curriculum Mapping: Review your curriculum for the term and the end learning goals. A new term is a great time to look at the progression steps and the journey you will take children on to achieve the end curriculum goals, so why not start to think about what learning progression will look like over the next few weeks?

4. Prepare and Plan: Crafting engaging learning opportunities is key to keeping children excited about learning. However, you run your EYFS setting, you are going to want to think about your plans for the new term… will you be mixing up your continuous provision to reflect what you observed from the children last term? Maybe you’re starting to think about the enhancements you need to add to your provision? Or perhaps you might be considering the balance of focus group work with child initiated learning?

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5. Reestablish Expectations and Routines: Be prepared to reestablish classroom expectations and routines from day one. From entering the classroom to transitioning between learning, reminding children of the routines and expectations helps create a positive learning environment.

6. Self-Care Strategies: Lastly and most importantly, prioritise your well-being. Teaching can be demanding, so ensure you have self-care strategies in place. Establish a work-life balance, take your breaks (and if you can get off the school site for a walk and some fresh air), and try to plan time without work pressures e.g. going to the gym, meeting friends, etc. (It may seem small, but these things often slip as we get swept up in the craziness of the new term). If this is something that you’re struggling with or you are struggling with the pressures of teaching and life (I’ve been there… I feel you!) then please consider looking at all the support available at – they are there and ready to listen and support you!

I hope these practical tips for preparing for a new term are useful and help to refocus your mind! Especially with all the Easter chocolate that’s probably still floating around! I love a new term and all the opportunities it brings for growth, learning, and connection. By implementing these practical tips, I hope you’ll be well-equipped to navigate the challenges and celebrate the successes that lie ahead. Here’s to a fantastic term filled with inspiration, collaboration, and transformative learning experiences! 🍎📚✨

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Emma xx