Planning for the EYFS 2021

The changes to planning, assessment and observation for the EYFS 2021 have got me reflecting on how we will be approaching next year…

I had my first planning meeting in preparation for next year this week. Lots of changes afoot for us (change in class dynamic to Reception/ Year 1 alongside the EYFS reforms).

Planning for the EYFS 2021 list

I feel like we’ve got an action plan going forward and know the general direction we are going to be heading in, I definitely appreciated having my wonderful job share to bounce ideas off about how to approach our curriculum in a way that reflects the needs of our school and our children.

How to plan in the medium term for EYFS 2021 using inquiry questions

Our overall curriculum will be a “Question Led” one, where we will have an overarching theme question- Our “BIG Question” that will form a basis from which to hang our learning experiences and environment enhancements.

This is similar to the approach we used last year, however to support our Year 1 learners, we are tweaking our questions to lend themselves more to the history and geography aspects of our teaching. We will also encourage children to ask “smaller” questions within science, art and music. We want them to be curious learners and begin to seek meaning for themselves whilst we scaffold their knowledge and understanding.

To ensure breadth and depth within this and to support with long and medium term planning we will refer to the ELG progression documents which are available here…

ELG progression grids linked to planning for the EYFS 2021
Example of ELG Progression Grids- adapted ideas from DM 2021

I am working on a linked Reception and Year 1 long term plan as we speak (in fact I’m working on two, as all mixed age teachers know- we need a cycle A and B to ensure no repetition but also full coverage of both curriculums!). As soon as it is on the way to being ready, I will of course share an editable version with you!

using learning statements to link the EYFS 2021 to KS1

In terms of short term EYFS planning, we plan to use the “I am learning to” statements to enable us to tie the Reception and Year 1 curriculums together and provide cohesion across the class. Our school insists upon learning objectives throughout the school (Reception upwards) and these statements are going to make our life easier as we will have the bank ready to select the relevant statements.

There are big changes ahead in the EYFS 2021 and this will be refelcted in the planning many of us do. We are all on our own journeys… Be kind to others, listen to their points of view and share ideas (I have seen too much negativity recently!)

As always the same reminders…

Your children, your setting, your staff, your vision!

Sending Love, Emma x