Children engaged in enhanced provision

Continuous and Enhanced Provision- Let’s Explore!

Today, we unpack two essential buddies in the classroom – Continuous Provision and Enhanced Provision. These are often terms associated with EYFS, but you’ll know that I advocate (and am now supporting) continuous and enhanced provision for learning in KS1, having used them myself with a year 1 class… so let’s dive in! Continuous Provision: … Read more

Enhanced Provision Planning

How should I enhance provision in my Early Years setting? What is continuous provision in the early years? Provision is usually talked about in terms of Continuous Provision and Enhanced Provision.  Here’s a quick summary of the differences between the two. Continuous provision Continuous provision is made up of the resources and activities that are … Read more

Planning in the eyfs

The EYFS has changed… but has this changed your own personal planning? Are you continuing with what you know or seizing the opportunity to try something a bit different. Where do I start? For me, planning always starts with the learning environment. The continuous provision… thinking about what is always available to engage the children … Read more